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These hands-on equivalent fraction activities will help you teach equivalent fractions to your students in fun and exciting ways.



Fractions! For some of our precious kiddos, this word makes them quiver in their sneakers and want to barf all over the desk. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There are so many interactive, fun ways to learn and then practice fractions, I had to put a list together just for equivalent fractions.

You can download all of the printables that are mine (the ones that have pictures) in one place with my Equivalent Fraction Activities Bundle.


Fun Ways to TEACH Equivalent Fractions

We all know that hands-on instruction is the way to go for teaching math concepts. Teaching the way to solve the problem has its place, but understanding why those steps works are just important…and these equivalent fraction activities will help you teach this concept.

1. Teaching with Food

Kids love food, and they understand food. When beginning your fraction unit why not pull out a Hershey bar or an orange. It is a great way to not only teach what a fraction is, but also to introduce an equivalent fraction by having them share the food.

2. Interactive notebook for teaching equivalent fractions with models 

A simple way to have students use fractional models to figure out equivalent fractions. Students take a model given and divide it up into equal parts. By the time they have worked through the first model they have found four equivalent fractions.

3. Interactive notebook for teaching equivalent fractions with number lines.

This is very similar to the first interactive notebook, but this time instead of fractional models you get number lines. I love giving children as many ways to see a concept as I can. You never know which way will make the light go off!!!!

4. Fraction Tiles by Math Coach’s Corner


Learning Resources Magnetic Rainbow Fraction TilesLearning Resources Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Tiles

Again students need to see many different representations of fractions and how they are equivalent. I love this activity by Math Coach’s corner. Using Fraction Tiles the students work to figure out which fractions are equivalent. This “lesson” does not involve a ton of direct instruction, but the children are learning through exploring with manipulatives and making observations. That is the best type of learning.

5. Fractions on a Number Line

Number lines are a great way to build fraction sense, and they are also a fun way to teach equivalent fraction. While they are creating their number lines they are working on what numerators are, what denominators are, finding the LCM, and so much more.

6. Pattern Blocks Task Cards

Pattern blocks are another great way to explore and learn about equivalent fractions. These task cards are a great place to go after children have a basic understanding of equivalent fractions. They will definitely get your kiddos thinking and problem-solving, and quickly reveal any misconceptions.


7. Equivalent fractions on the computer

Our children love technology, and adding it to our teaching is a good thing as long as they are having real-life experiences in the classroom every day. This site is a continuation of the previous activities.  Children are recognizing fractional models and then using them to find equivalent fractions.


Using visual models is a great way to build fraction sense, and helps children understand equivalent fractions better. This is a series that Math Geek Mama and I did together. It walks you through numerous ideas on helping children visualize fractions…not just memorize how to solve a problem.

Fraction Sense Series Square

Educational Insights F-R-A-N-G-O Equivalent Fractions GameEducational Insights F-R-A-N-G-O Equivalent Fractions GameLogic Roots Froggy Fractions Card Game for Advanced Fraction SkillsLogic Roots Froggy Fractions Card Game for Advanced Fraction SkillsLearning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game, 13 Fraction PizzasLearning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game, 13 Fraction Pizzas




After you have spent some time teaching, now students are ready to play or practice their new found knowledge. To reinforce what they have learned, try out some of these activities.

  1. Fraction Dominoes

These fraction dominoes have fractions, models, and number lines. Children can play a card by matching up two equivalent fractions, a fraction and model, a model and number line, etc. You can even get some fraction adding by having the children add up all the fractions left in their hand when another player goes out. The person with the highest sum loses.

PicMonkey Collage2352. Oh No, Fraction Man

This game is similar to Old Maid, but instead of an Old Maid you have a fraction man. All the children have to do is pull cards from another player’s hand. If they have a match to the card they pulled they may lay it down in front of them. The game ends when all matches have been made and one person is left with the fraction man. The cards have fractions, fractional models, and number lines on them.

3. Spoons

It has been a long time since I have played spoons, but I remember it as a time of laughter and fun. Add some fun and laughter to practicing fractions with this game by Games 4 Gains.

4. Clip Cards

Instead of pulling out a worksheet to assess students knowledge, gather them around you and have them solve the problems by placing clips on the equivalent fraction. Many of the clip cards have two or three correct answers. This forces the children to really analyze the card before saying they have completed it.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe with Fractions

This game is very similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, just with a twist. The children must find the equivalent fraction to whatever space they want to cover up. If they choose the wrong fraction, they have to cover up the space that equals that fraction. Since the game of Tic-Tac-Toe leaves little room for mistakes, a wrong move can end the game!! You can play with models, number lines, or both!!

6. Missing Numerator Game


This bright, colorful board game by Deceptively Educational will get your kiddos figuring out what the missing numerator is so they can move around the board!

7. Fishing For Equivalent Fractions

This game is similar to Go Fish – and children will love their quest to find pairs that are equivalent.

8. Simplifying Fractions 

This is a BINGO game that focuses on simplifying fractions…..and we know how much our kiddos enjoy doing that. Simplifying Fractions is a wonderful way to practice equivalent fractions, and who doesn’t love a simple BINGO game.


Here are some other fraction activities you may be interested in!!!

I hope you enjoy these equivalent fraction activities. There are so many fun ways to teach equivalent fractions and get your children engaged as they dive into this concept.

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