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These FREE estimating length worksheets or task cards are the perfect way for children to estimate small lengths in centimeters and inches. They then check their estimation using a ruler.

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There are so many aspects of measuring. You have measurement conversions, measuring to the nearest fourth inch and beyond, and there is even estimating.

There is no substitute for getting out and estimating and then measuring real objects, but if you are looking for a way to assess a child’s knowledge of estimating then this is a great place to end your unit.  These estimating length worksheets are a great way to make sure your child really does understand estimating.

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Prep Work –


With just a little cutting, and laminating your task cards will be ready to go.

First, print off task cards on card stock paper.
Next, cut out and laminate.
Finally, provide dry erase markers and a ruler.

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Or you could make it more like a worksheet and just print out, provide a pencil and ruler, and you are all set.

Directions For Estimating Length worksheets

Before having children estimating lengths, it is important for them to have experience measuring similar items. I would suggest having them work through my measuring centimeters and inches clip cards or the Valentine’s Day printable. Not only will it give your kiddos extra measuring practice, but it will help them begin to see what 3 inches looks like compared to 3 cm.

Once your little ones have built a basis for what inches and centimeters look like, it is time for the estimating lengths worksheet.

  1. First, have the children go through and estimate the length or height of each picture. I wouldn’t even provide a ruler at the point. This forces them to make an educated guess, or even use non-standard units of measurement like their thumb to figure out what the length of each line may be.
  2. Next, they get the ruler. The children now get to measure each line and see how close their estimation was.

  1. Finally, discuss how they did. Ask them questions to help them analyze how they estimated
  • Which estimations did you do the best on? Why?
  • Which pictures were you off the most? Why?
  • What strategies did you use to help you get the best estimations?
  • What could you do better next time when you have to estimate the length of an object.

I hope you and your children enjoy this little extra practice estimating with these estimating length worksheets!!

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