30+ FREE, Cool Fall Math Activities for Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade


Fall Math Activities

Get into fall with these cool fall math activities. There are activities for kindergarten students all the way up to fifth grade. Grab some adding centers, work on subtracting, and there is even some decimal and fraction work!

Fall is my favorite time of year! I have grown to HATE the Georgia heat, and there is such a relief when then temps descend from the upper 90’s. 

fall math activity base 10

I love the cool morning air and the warm afternoons. And you can’t beat the beautiful, colorful trees. 

We also can’t forget the change in food either. You know all the pumpkin and cinnamon, yum!

So to celebrate the changing season, here are some fall math activities to get everyone in the spirit.

Fall Math Activities: Place Value

  1. 3 Comparing Expressions Worksheets To Build Number Sense
  2. One FREE Expanded Form Game to Build Number Sense

Adding and Subtracting Activities Fall Theme

  1. FREE and Exciting Adding Within 10 Fall Activity (Sorting Expressions)
  2. FREE Adding and Subtracting Decimal Worksheet
  3. FREE No-Prep Adding By 10 Game
  4. Make 10 Thanksgiving Ten Frame Printable (FREE)
  5. FREE Fill in the Missing Number Using A Number Line
  6. FREE Clip Cards for Subtracting Fractions With Common Denominators
  7. 3 Comparing Expressions Worksheets To Build Number Sense
  8. How To Memorize Addition Facts with Fun Turkey Expression Match
  9. 6 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Adding to 10
  10. Need to Teach Word Problems? Free Monster Word Problems

Multiplication and Division Fall Activities

  1. FREE Fun Division Game For Practicing Basic Division Facts
  2. FREE Cut and Paste Double Digit Multiplication Worksheets
  3. FREE Low-Prep, Spin and Cover Dividing Multiples of Ten Game
  4. A FREE Delightful Game For Multiplying by Multiples of 10
  5. FREE No-Prep Multiplication Facts Practice Game with a Football Theme
  6. Grab these Skip Counting Games for the Classroom – Practice 2’s to 15’s!

Fractions and Decimals Fall Activities

  1. FREE Football Themed Equivalent Fraction Printable
  2. Grab these FREE Apple Clip Cards for an Equivalent Fraction Activity
  3. FREE Adding and Subtracting Decimal Worksheet
  4. FREE Visual Worksheet For Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers
  5. FREE Clip Cards for Subtracting Fractions With Common Denominators
  6. How to Teach Fractions Of A Set with A Free Apple Bump Game
  7. Grab These Free Puzzles to Help Model Addition Of Fractions

Fall Activities for Geometry and Measurement

  1. FREE Interactive and FUN Area and Perimeter Problems 
  2. FREE Preschool Pattern and Sorting Activity with an Apple Theme
  3. Here’s a Free Counting Money Game to Practice Counting Coins
  4. Here Are Free Monster Logic Problems To Get Your Students Thinking

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