Affordable, Easy, and Informative Online Homeschool Testing

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You will love how easy and affordable this online homeschool testing is!!! It is a wonderful way to assess which skills need reviewed or have been mastered.

You will love how easy and afforadable this online homeschool testing is!!! It is a wonderful way to assess which skills need reviewed or have been mastered.

Though I was compensated for this post, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I used to be a public school teacher. My first few years were in this dream world where every decision was made based on what was best for the children. We played and worked hard. Our learning was hands-on, and we only focused on tests a month or so before they happened. Our test scores were great!

Then I changed schools, and we took tests to practice for the tests. We were encouraged to teach to the test. And it was hard on this teacher who came from a different world.

When my oldest was entering kindergarten, we made the decision to homeschool. One of my biggest reasons for this was all the testing that was happening in our district.

So my sweet boys have been totally unaware of the strenuous testing that they could be enduring, but that had to change this year. Our state requires that 3rd graders participate in a standardized test, and so we did.

Which Standardized Test Did I Choose:

I seriously debated over whether to do a paper and pencil test or an online one…..and online won out. I loved the thought about everything being done through the computer without papers having to be mailed back and forth. And the company we went with was Affordable Homeschool Testing Services which offers an online service for children taking the Map Growth Test.

Now the only test prep we did was having them work through Reading Eggs where they have to answer reading and math questions online! Other than that, I wanted to see what they could do. I just wanted to know if what we were doing was working. I wanted to know if they could actually do the work I thought they could. And so off we went into the testing world.

Signing Up:

Affordable, Easy, and Informative Online Homeschool Testing

The whole process was so easy, and getting signed up for this online homeschool testing wasn’t hard at all.

Like seriously, you put in your info (grades of kids, email, address, etc), choose two consecutive dates and times, and then pay the very affordable price.

Online Homeschool Testing:

A few days before:

A few days before the testing date, you will begin to receive instructions on how to get into the test and a sample test to take.

I don’t like long drawn out processes, or figuring out new things on the computer….and the directions did not fit in this category.

They were simple to follow, and it took almost no effort on my part to have my children prep for the test.

The day of the test:

Affordable, Easy, and Informative Online Homeschool Testing

At the time the test takes place, you call Affordable Homeschool Testing Services and a very patient and understanding lady gives you the password. I highly suggest you stay on the phone with her until everyone is successfully into the test. We had a small problem that would have easily been solved if I stayed on the phone with her.

Then the kiddos got to work. MAP Growth adapts to the level of the student as they test, which allows children to actually test at the level they are at. They aren’t forced to finish a paper and pencil test that is WAY to easy for them, or WAY to hard for them.

I loved watching my oldest struggle through some fifth-grade math problems….and surprisingly get them right….even though he started out with a third-grade test.

On the first day, the took the reading test. My oldest finished in less than an hour while my second grader took a little longer. The second day my oldest, who excels in math finished quickly. To my second child’s dismay, it took him a lot longer. But his hard work paid off, and he scored very well.

Finally, the Detailed Score Report

Affordable, Easy, and Informative Online Homeschool Testing

In just a few days I received about 40 pages with the results of the test.

I couldn’t believe how detailed it was. It gave me his Lexile reading score, grade level he was reading on, and his RTI score (overall score on the test.)

Then there was the goal page. The skills and concepts were placed into three different sections. The first category was those that can be reinforced. While doing these skills, the child taking the test got them right about 75% of the time.

Then we moved into the developing category. The skills listed here were only answered correctly about 50% of the time.

Finally, there is the introduce category. If the skill falls in this category the child only got those right about 25% of the time. My third grader had stuff like multiplying fractions in these categories. He was given opportunities to answer them, but since we haven’t covered this skill yet…..he didn’t get them right.

Why Should You Test:

I do not believe in constantly testing children. But for a couple of hours out of the whole year, I’m all for that.

The NWEA MAP Growth Testing Services gave me valuable information that has guided my instruction. It helped me see some areas we need to review, but let me know that I was probably doing my oldest a disservice keeping him where he was in math. 

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services makes it super easy, keeps it affordable, AND gives you so much valuable information. 

It is worth the time and money.

You’ve Got This!

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