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10 Incredible Building Toys for Under Forty Dollars

  I want my boys outside. I want them playing in the dirt, exploring the woods at their grandma’s house, climbing on play sets at the park, and burning energy as they race their bikes around the cul de sac. Let’s face it though. Sometimes the high 90 temps and humidity in Georgia, thunderstorms, or […]

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Phonics Reading

Here’s a FREE Diphthong Game For Extra Reading Practice

I love the sound of my babies laughing and having fun. I love their excited yells when they win a game. I love listening to them call out the number or word they want their die to land on. Games! They are fun. They add excitement to a school day, and give children a chance […]

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How to Teach Making Change…Includes Free Task Cards

    They were just simple review questions. Questions that should be easy to solve, but ones he kept getting wrong. Over and over I had seen him solve problems this way…. $10.00 – $6.43 = $4.43 It is a simple mistake (he is subtracting 3 – 0 instead of 0-3), but any mistake repeated […]

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6 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Making 10

It was a simple question. One I was sure he would know the answer to. Yet there he stood, giving me that look. The look that means I have no clue, and I don’t remember where to start to figure it out. With that look, I knew we needed to step back and spend some […]

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Practice Place Value Using Fun Color by Number

Did you know that math can be quite boring?? Really, who wants to do a whole page of “What number is in the 100’s place in the number 726?” I know I don’t! My fourth and fifth-grade students didn’t! And I can tell you that my boys definitely don’t want to, and many times will […]

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One Fun Way to Review Place Value (FREE Pirate Game)

  “Hey mom, what’s 24 x 7?” I glanced up from the computer, recognizing that this question could lead to a teachable moment. “Well…the 2 represents 20 and 20 x 7 = 140…..” I began. I continued to work through the problem out loud, asking questions when I knew he would know the answer. Finally […]

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Need to Teach Word Problems? Free Monster Word Problems

  I always dreaded it. I had finally finished the 20 problems and was sick and tired of computing. But I wasn’t done. I was now required to solve those nasty word problems glaring at me from the bottom of the page. They were intimidating and one more step that was required of me. My only hope was […]

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FREE printables

Free Printables

This site is chalk full of FREE printables and it can often be difficult to locate exactly what you are looking for. Hopefully this page will help you find the perfect activity for your child or students.   (This page is a work in progress…so check back often as I’m slowly working to get all […]

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How to Teach Diphthongs with an Engaging Interactive Notebook

    I found it at a garage sale, and I was so excited about my find. That excitement didn’t last. Though I liked how we were slowly working our way through word families, the lists were gruesome. My kindergarten boy would groan when the book came out, and I found I was having to create […]

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Reading Science

5 Awesome Activities for Living Vs Non-living Unit (FREE Game)

“Oh, that fruit is cut open. It can’t be a living thing.” my kindergartener said as he meticulously covered up the green kiwi. Legos were scattered across the table, and my boys were in competition mode. My oldest held his breathe while C reached over to grab a card to replace the kiwi he had just […]

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