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Place Value Color by Number

Practice place value by coloring this fun pirate-themed place value color by number. It’s not just a coloring sheet but it’s a game too! Children spin to discover which place value to color in.

These fun place value coloring pages are a great way to work on which digit is in the tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Place value color by number worksheets with a pirate climbing a latter that is colored in with crayons.

Did you know that math can be quite boring? Really, who wants to do a whole page of, “What number is in the 100’s place in the number 726?”

I know I don’t! My fourth and fifth-grade students didn’t!

And I can tell you that my boys definitely don’t want to, and many times will whine when they see a page of math problems. Don’t worry, we are working on attitudes.

Kids need to practice math. Sometimes a child just needs to do the same type of problem over and over for them to master it.

How do we accomplish this without having our children HATE math?

Place Value Game

If children can practice math through a game or a fun activity, they are more likely to enjoy their math time. Place a game in front of a child where they are solving numerous problems while they play, and you probably won’t hear a ton of complaints.

Compare that to putting a worksheet in front of them with the same amount of problems… oh yay, they most likely are not thinking happy thoughts.

Various math games from bingo, to a fractions game on a wooden background.

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Practicing Place Value

I knew my first-grade son needed to practice place value more and I wanted to provide him with a few fun games for him to play. We started with a pirate place value game, using an expanded form to create numbers.

Then we moved on to this coloring page.

It was a huge hit. Both my boys begged to play this each morning till they had colored in all the sheets. What’s better is it is low prep with lots of learning.

Place Value Activity

  1. First, print off the coloring pages.
  2. Next, provide crayons, paper clips, and pencils to each child.
  3. Show the children how to create a spinner using the pencil and paper clips.

And you are ready to go.

Place value color by number worksheets with a pirate climbing a latter that is colored in with crayons.

Pirate Place Value Coloring Sheets

To begin, each player will spin at the same time.

Then, the players will choose one number on the picture that matches what they spun.

In this example, the child landed on the space that says a seven in the 10’s place. So they can move over to the picture and color in the small patch on the leg.

Place value color by number worksheets with a pirate climbing a latter that is being colored with an orange crayon.

This time the picture asks for a two in the hundreds place. As you can see, the child decided to color the shirt!

Place value color by number worksheets with a pirate that is looking through a telescope. The shirt is colored in various colors.

Now, this sheet in the thousands is asking for a five in the thousands place. So this child decided to color in the broom handle, but he could have colored in the pirate’s face.

Place value color by number worksheets with a pirate washing the floor. The broom handle is colored brown.

The children keep spinning at the same time, and then coloring in a part of the picture. They lose a turn if there is not a number to color that matches what they spun.

The game ends when a child has colored in the whole picture.

Math can be fun, even when a lot of practice is required. So for today, sit back, grab some crayons, and have fun coloring with your kiddos while they practice place value.

Place Value Coloring Worksheets

Below is the free sample place value coloring worksheet from the bundle of 9 that I sell in my T&T store. You can download it by clicking on the download button.

Get all 9 pirate-themed place value coloring pages that focus on 10, 100s, and 1,000s HERE.

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