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Bump games are quite popular, though I have to admit we have never played one. Even though we are officially on summer break, I want my kiddos to continue learning. My goal is to read, and play a math and phonics game every day. So stayed tuned as I share with you the games we are playing this summer.

The BUMP game is very simple. The goal is to be the player to secure the most words on the board by placing two game pieces on  a word. Be careful though, if you get one game piece on a word and then someone else rolls that word…BUMP…your piece is knocked off.

Set up is pretty simple. All you have to do is print off the word cards and place them in learning cubes. For the game board with a purple border, you need two cubes. One cube will have all the beginning sounds in it, while the other has the word families in it. I always like to get a little energy out of my boys, so I throw the soft cubes across the living room floor. The boys run after them, so excited to see if the letters I rolled make a word!

The game with the blue border only needs one cube. The complete words are written on the inserts, so all the students have to do is read the word they rolled and then cover up that word on the game board.

The final board, the one with the green border is the most difficult. You need 3 cubes with this one. The first cube has the beginning sounds, the second cube has the word families, and the third cube  has three “ce” and three blank pieces. The students will begin by rolling the first two cubes. If the roll a “f” or “p” with the word family “ier” then they can roll the third dice to see if they can spell the word fierce of pierce.

Enjoy practicing word families with your children!

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