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This free printable gets children solving and comparing expressions to build number sense.

The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the blue “get your free printable here” button.


Last week I shared a hundred chart activity to help my son understand what happens when you add by ones vs tens. He is starting to show that he understanding this concept, so this week we are taking it to the next level.

We are comparing expressions!

There are three sheets for him that once again have him adding ones, then tens, and then ones and tens together. These sheets help children become more familiar with a hundred chart, larger numbers and develop number sense as they focus on adding ones and then tens. 

Hundreds charts are just one way to build number sense in our children.

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The Three Different Comparing Expressions Worksheets

The first sheet has our kiddos adding and subtracting by ones. Before we work on this sheet, I make sure they understand that when we subtract by one we move to the left. When we add by ones, we move to the right.


Next, we worked on adding tens. Again this followed our discussion of when we add ten we move down the hundreds chart, and when we subtract by ten we move straight up.


Get More Work WIth Adding and Subtracting 10’s HERE!

Finally, we finished with adding two-digit numbers. This really requires number sense and the knowledge of the tens and ones place. We always began by adding the tens place, and then we would add the ones. This is how many people do mental math, so it is a great strategy to teach.

Prep – Work

  1. First, print off worksheets and 100’s charts

2. Next, print off both the hundreds chart on card stock paper. Cut the chart in the hundreds off at the line right above 101. Next, line it up and tape it under the number 91. Finally, laminate for durability.

3. Provide candy corn, pencil, and a marker for the 100’s charts.

How to Use

1. Children solve each expression and write the answer on the line.

We did the first line together. I showed him how he had to solve the first expression, and my little man moved his colored bear in the direction it needed to go. Whatever number he landed on was the number he wrote in the first blank. Next, we moved to the second expression. We followed the same steps and recorded the answer.

Now it came time to compare. For the most part, my first grader was able to compare the two expressions without help. But I did show him if he pointed to each number on the hundreds chart it was easier to see which number was greater.

2. Next, I had him place the largest part of the candy corn facing that expression that was the greatest.

3. Finally, the best part came. He got to eat all the candy corns!


Enjoy eating a few candy corn and helping children strengthen their number sense.

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