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Over 25 printable puzzles that are fun, bright, and colorful. They are a perfect way to get in math practice and make great centers.


My little girl loves puzzles. She enjoys watching the picture come together and celebrating when it is complete. 

Well, these puzzles are a little simpler than what she is putting together…..but the math your students can learn while doing them is incredible. 

So check out all these puzzles that focus on counting all the way up to multiplying fractions and decimals. They make great math centers or even a fun grade!!!

Building Number Sense

Dinosaur Counting Number Puzzles by Playdough to Plato

Numbers 1 – 20 Puzzles by This Reading Mama


Adding And Subtracting Puzzles

Snowball Addition Puzzles by A Dab of Glue Will Do


Multiplication And Division Puzzles

Simple Multiplication Fact Pumpkin Puzzles from 123Homeschool4Me


Fraction And Decimal Puzzles

Equivalent Fractions From Math Geek Mama

Robots for Working on Equivalent Fractions from Math Geek Mama

Multiplying Mixed Numbers From Math Geek Mama

Geometry and Measurement Puzzles

Printable Coin Puzzles By This Reading Mama

Insect Telling Time Puzzles by 123Homeschool4Me

Shapes Puzzles by A Dab of Glue Will Do


Reading or Phonics Puzzles

10 Puzzles to Practice Spelling and Reading -igh Words

These puzzles have children spelling and then reading 10 igh words. Since the syllables are broken into different puzzle pieces, ...
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Diphthong Puzzles from 123Homeschool4Me

Magic E Puzzles From Playdough to Plato

Printable Alphabet Puzzles By This Reading Mama

Short i puzzles from 123Homeschool4me

Winter Rhyming Puzzles from 123Homeschool4Me


I hope you enjoy!

You’ve Got This,