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No matter the age, your children are going to love these math clip cards. From counting to division, from adding to geometry, there is something for everyone. (k – 5)


It is amazing what switching things up will do for a child. What they would balk at doing on a worksheet all of a sudden becomes more fun when presented in a game or different activity.

Well, clip cards can help switch things up a little bit. It is a fun way to practice a skill, but not have children sitting doing a worksheet. But if you add in a sheet where they have to record their answers, you can still get a grade or have an accountability piece.

Another benefit of playing with clothespins is that it strengthens our children’s fine motor skills. And I’m always for that!!!

So without further ado, here are 25+ math clip cards you can grab to use in your math class.

Honey-Can-Do Colored Plastic Clothespins, 100-PackHoney-Can-Do Colored Plastic Clothespins, 100-PackHoney-Can-Do Colored Plastic Clothespins, 100-Pack

Building Number Sense with Math Clip Cards

Counting to 10 by Playdough to Plato

Working on Teen Numbers by Primary Inspiration



Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards

Simple Addition Clip Cards by The STEM Laboratory

How Many More to Make 10  by Playdough to Plato


Multiplication and Division

Basic Multiplication Fact Practice by Math Geek Mama

Space Themed Division Cards By 3 Dinosaurs

Fractions and Decimals

Simple Fraction Recognition Clip Cards by The Stem Laboratory

Pizza Fraction Clip Cards from the Kindergarten Connection



Basic Shape Clip Cards by The Measured Mom


Other Math Activities

Counting Coins from 123Homeschool4me